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Hello! My name is Jessica Villarreal. I'm a business woman, entrepreneur, not by accident.. I believe that was meant to be

I love to meet new people from all over the world. Everyone is unique and has something great to share. 

My passion is working out, I've created this amazing habit through routines. I think that's the only way to success in any area of life (good habits+ routines)

I’m an Architect but also a Certificated Holistic Health Coach from IIN and a true believer that women deserve to feel healthy and proud of their bodies. To knowing my body was the best tool to change it, we should take advantage of it, working out for a good reason but overall with a smart plan.

To get into bodybuilding competitions in 2013, was a great health school for me.


ARE YOU READY? I'll be here, let's train with smart plan.

This site is only for women who see things differently!

By the way...Would you like to become a Health Coach like me? 💜 Click here for more info! Honestly, It's the best decision I've ever made!