Trust your crazy Cravings

Hi Guys! 

To be honest and transparent  this is my first blog. I just learned how to do it a few days ago. I am so happy because I can share with you all the information through here. My plan is to create at least two blogs per week (Tuesdays & Fridays). If you are seeing this, it's because you are part of my email list or you get the link from my social media. I am sending right now a HUGE thank you for being part of this healthy community 💜  it means a lot to me.

Today I want to share about “Trust your crazy Cravings” If you are in the process of taking care more of your health, this is for you. 

I can understand how confusing all the topics are about losing weight, fat burn or building muscle etc. This is very simple: Less sugar, less crazy cravings but is there more than sugar thing.


Whenever your body is craving something, pause for a moment and wonder "what's really going on here?" Whenever you find yourself impulsively reaching for something you know is not good for you, take a moment to slow down, breathe and reevaluate  the situation. Consider what your body is really asking for. Start with the flavor. 


Sweet foods vary widely in nutritional content, from chocolate, cookies and pastries, to sweet vegetables, fruit and fruit juice. As much as possible, try to satisfy your desire for sweet flavor with a milder, less extreme food that doesn't contain refined white sugar, you might try eating a rice cake with rice syrup on it. Certain vegetables have a deep sweet flavor when cooked, like corn, carrots, onions, beets, squash You will be surprised how satisfying this treat can be and how quickly it can eliminate your need for extreme sugary foods. If you are chocoholic, check out the chocolate section of your healthy food store. My favorite is Intense Dark 86% cocoa  (Ghirardelli) I think I get 2 pieces almost every night. Lol…

ARE YOU CRAVING Salty foods?

Cravings for salty foods often indicate mineral deficiency. All salt originates in the sea, and natural sea salt contains 60 different trace minerals, which are the basis for the formation of vitamins, enzymes and proteins. Most of us use common table salt, which has been refined and stripped of many of these minerals. People's diets are generally lacking in minerals because much of our food has been highly processed and chemically grown, hence the popularity of salty foods. Before you go out and have a bag of pretzels or chips (I love, try eating a wide variety of vegetables, especially leafy green veggies, which are very high in minerals. These foods often satisfy the craving for salty food, which have a naturally salty flavor and are high in minerals. 


Physical health is the foundation of our lives. Once we free ourselves from extreme foods, the healing mechanisms of the body can be harnessed to overcome our deeper physical and emotional issues. That’s when healing miracles happen. When people learn how to deconstruct their cravings, they can reclaim the sense of balance and bodily harmony that they were haphazardly seeking through indulgence or willpower.

Our bodies are like crying babies. The child is crying but it can’t talk, so the mother has to figure out what has disturbed her child. Did it hurt itself, not get enough sleep or wet its diaper?

So, what do you think? Are you more clear now? I really hope so. 

To end this blog I want to share with you a video below on how I make my PROTEIN Iced coffee with mocha flavor, you will see I am not added "sugar", but still sweet. I am not perfect with my diet all the time, but at least I have some balance in my life that I can keep my body in shape, be healthy and have consistent energy through the day. 

See the video here: 


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