Primary Food

This blog explores the differences between food and what Joshua  Rosenthal calls Primary Food. He says that primary food is more what is on your plate. Healthy relationships, regularly physical activity, a fulfilling career and spiritual practice can fill your soul and satisfy your hunger for life. 

When primary food is balanced, your life feeds you, making what you eat secondary.


Remember when, as a child, you were playing outside, having fun? Suddenly, your mother announced dinner was ready, but you were not hungry at all. The passion to play took all your attention.

Sometimes we are fed not by food but by energy in our lives. These moments and feelings demonstrate that everything is food. We take in thou-sands of experiences of life that can fulfill us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We are hungry for play, fun, touch, romance, intimacy, love, achievement, success, self-expression. All of these elements are essential forms of nourishment. 

The extent to which we are able to incorporate them determines how enjoyable and worthwhile our lives feel. 

For some people, changing their habits, eating more fruits and vegetables was not going to make the healthy issue disappear. Other people who made great improvements in their health by smoothing out their relationship issues. Creating more positive relationships made them happier and healthier than any dietary changes could have made them. 


“Just as food is needed for the body, love is needed for the soul” - Osho


As a Health Coach I’ve learned that the idea of holistic health is to look at the integrated system rather than one or more separate parts, which includes the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional parts of life. I encourage you to look beyond the food on your plate and consider these other forms of nourishment that truly feed you.



During the course of a lifetime, we have relationships with parents, grand-parents, children, boyfriends, coworkers, the list is endless. The quality of these relationships explains a lot about the quality of a person’s life and his or her health. Just as no one diet is right for everyone, no one way of relating works for everyone. What’s important is to cultivate relationships that are healthy and support your individual needs, wants and desires. 


People need to exercise, Our bodies thrive on movement and quickly degenerate without it.  Most people sit all day at a job, and researchers  estimate that people who sit too much are easily shaving a few years of their lives. For those people who work at a desk all day, be sure to get up every hour and stretch, walk around the office or considerate a standing desk. When it comes to working out, the challenge is to find the types of exercises you enjoy most, and then build them into your life. Free Workouts Videos for you


In today’s society, most of us spend eight to 10 hours a day at work and very little with our loved ones. While we are choosy about who we relate with intimately, we spend years doing work we can’t stand and that may be completely opposed to our personal values. Think about it for a moment. We have 24 hours each day. We sleep for eight hours, work for eight hours and have the rest for other activities. More than half of our waking hours are spent working. Work is a  huge part of our daily routine. Yet how many of us really enjoy it? How many of us complain constantly about what we do but feel powerless to change it? Helplessness is not a nourishing lifestyle. Finding the work you love, loving the work you find!

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