Trust your crazy Cravings

Hi Guys! 

To be honest and transparent  this is my first blog. I just learned how to do it a few days ago. I am so happy because I can share with you all the information through here. My plan is to create at least two blogs per week (Tuesdays & Fridays). If you are seeing this, it's because you are part of my email list or you get the link from my social media. I am sending right now a HUGE thank you for being part of this healthy community   it means a lot to me.

Today I want to share about “Trust your crazy Cravings” If you are in the process of taking care more of your health, this is for you. 

I can understand how confusing all the topics are about losing weight, fat burn or building muscle etc. This is very simple: Less sugar, less crazy cravings but is there more than sugar thing.


Whenever your body is craving something, pause for a moment and wonder "what's really going on here?" Whenever you find yourself impulsively reaching for...

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